Libertarian Scotty Boman Polling at 7% in Michigan Senate Race

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On October 5–6, 2012, Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, on behalf of Scotty Boman For US Senate in Michigan, conducted a survey of 970 likely voters in the state regarding their planned vote for a given Senate candidate.

In the poll question containing candidates Democrat Debbie Stabenow, Republican Pete Hoekstra and Libertarian Scotty Boman, Stabenow comes out ahead at 48.0% to Hoekstra’s 39.3% and Boman’s 7.0%, with 5.7% of likely voters still undecided or voting for another candidate.

The showing for Boman is significant, notes Ballot Access News, because “if Boman polls at least 5%, the Libertarian Party will qualify for its own primary in 2014. Currently, the party is ballot-qualified and nominates by convention.”

Boman was the party’s nominee in 2008, a year when he captured 76,347 votes or 1.57%. It was the party’s best showing in a Michigan Senate race since Jon Coon’s historic 1994 effort that resulted in 128,393 votes, or 4.22%, being cast for the Libertarian nominee.